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  • What foods can you heat?
    ・You can warm up hot items such as hot snacks from a convenience store or hot tea in a plastic bottle. ・You can heat room-temperature foods such as rice balls and bread from convenience stores to the appropriate temperature for eating. -Can warm retort food, canned food, and baby food. ・Convenience store edamame
  • What kind of dishes can you make?
    You can cook ingredients etc. Recipes are now available on WILLTEX official Twitter and Instagram. Please follow us. Click here for official Twitter Click here for official Instagram
  • What if it gets dirty?
    Wipe with water or a cloth dampened with neutral detergent .
  • What should I do if a drink spills in my bag?
    Wipe thoroughly and dry. Washing machines are not available.
  • Can it be used as a bag?
    When using it as a bag, please remove the battery.
  • What should I do if I think there is a problem, such as when I feel that it is not warming up easily?
    Please check the instruction manual and make sure the battery is installed correctly. If the battery still does not warm up, please contact the customer service center listed in the instruction manual that comes with the battery.
  • How many times can the battery be used?
    It will be about 500 times.
  • Please tell me the precautions when using it.
    ・Please do not use continuous heating for more than 2 hours. ・The inside of the bag will become very hot during the fever, so please be careful when putting your hands into it. - Items heated with this product will reach very high temperatures, so please be careful not to get burned when removing them. Please be especially careful with highly thermally conductive items such as canned goods and retort bags, as they tend to reach high temperatures. ・Do not leave this product unattended while it is in use. ・Please refrain from letting children use this product. ・If it gets dirty, wipe it off with a tightly wrung cloth. - If the dirt is severe, wipe it off with a cloth dampened with a neutral detergent.
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